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Acculution launches its first product

I am happy to announce that Acculution has launched its first product. This has been in the making for a few years, and now 'A Complete Guide to - Phase Decomposition' is here (link). I have written about Phase Decomposition before (link, link), but the implementation and especially the interpretation of results has caused a ton of questions, and so I decided to make a proper guide to the technique, with a heavy focus on its limitations and how to work around them.

The first feedback from customers has already come in, and I am pleased to hear that what I have made is useful. One customer, Lampos Ferekidis from Ingenieurbüro Ferekidis, has been kind enough to share some of his findings regarding the development of a new loudspeaker driver. Lampos followed the instructions in the guide, and implemented the technique in the software COMSOL Multiphysics, and so he was ready to apply it on his drivers to get insight into the surface vibration that would otherwise not be revealed.

Below the frequency response for an initial design is shown:

It is seen that around 1 kHz the frequency response has a dip, both when measured and simulated. To get an idea about what is going on here, it sometimes suffices to simply look at the displacement of the membrane, but oftentimes said displacement looks quite complex, and it can be difficult to find anything about it that really stands out. However, when Phase Decomposition was applied to Lampos' driver, the displacement components could be animated, and around 1 kHz it could be seen that a larger part of the displacement was in Quadrature with sound pressure:

As this is not an ideal displacement for generating sound pressure, Lampos redesigned the geometry over a number of iterations, and the final design showed no dips in the frequency range of interest:

Also, the Phase Decomposition now revealed a much more desirable component distribution, not shown here. In the VIP section customers can get more information about Lampos' driver case, downloadable PDFs with animations(!), and an FAQ based on customer feedback and Acculution's own further work in this area.

More products are in the pipeline, and suggestions for product are also welcome.

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