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#001: Why Acculution?

Welcome to my first blog post on Acculution (Accurate solution)!

I have for some time thought about doing something more than just my traditional job; something that could help bridge the gap between the industry and the universities, and something that could function as a network for those interested in physics and mathematics, both from an industry perspective and from the more academic environment. Since I haven't been to able to exactly pinpoint what that "something" should or could be, I have decided to take some steps that hopefully will reveal what is actually needed. So I have decided to start a website, where I blog on different aspects and hopefully this will slowly, but steadily, build momentum towards some, yet unknown, goal.

So why not just post articles on LinkedIn or some other platform. Well, there are several reasons:

  1. Personally, I would like to have a common base for my work and my thoughts, instead of having it scattered on different forums.

  2. More importantly, I would like to have others participating in discussions without having to have accounts on LinkedIn, ResearchGate or whatever site. With Acculution you just need an internet connection and an opinion.

  3. At some point in time I would like to do VLOGs, both on my own and with invited guests, and I think this will work better on a dedicated web page.

  4. The audience should not be limited to those who are in the industry/academia loop. For example, many students at different levels actually have some great questions, abilities and thoughts, and though they can talk to each other and their professors, they could benefit from sparring with a broader spectrum of people from the both industry and academia.

This does not mean that I won’t be posting on COMSOL’s blog (in fact, I actually strive to keep doing that once a year for as long as they will let me) or on LinkedIn. However, in such cases there will be a minimal blog post on Acculution with a link to the post, if the website is public, or a repost on Acculution, if the original post is on LinkedIn or some other site where an account is needed.

In the future I might include other work, such as paper reviews or software reviews, but for now Acculution is mainly a blog.

So please join in by requesting topics for me to blog about, or have a go at it yourself. Enjoy!

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